Tutor Responsibilities, Roles and Relationships


Responsibilities of a Tutor

  • Keep appointments
  • Help the students to become independent learners/thinkers
  • Be positive – even when discussing a student’s mistakes
  • Don’t engage in negative talk about teachers
  • Treat all students with respect
  • Be knowledgeable about your content area
  • Establish mutual expectations with your students
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be accepting of a variety of learning styles

Student Responsibilities 

  • Have work completed (as much as possible)
  • Review and understand material to best of ability
  • Come prepared – have all materials, instruction sheets, syllabus for the course
  • Communicate needs to Tutor

A Tutor is…  

  • an interested, active listener
  • a curious questioner
  • a friendly face 
  • a non-judgmental peer
  • a willing reader
  • an informed source 
  • a professional

A Tutor is not…

  • a grammar cop
  • a grader
  • a course instructor
  • a parent
  • a proofreader
  • an editor
  • a ghost-writer/problem solver

Each student, parent, and tutor should sign the tutoring agreement prior to beginning the first session. This will ensure all parties understand their role.


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