The Art of Real BBQ


BBQ chef, David Schaefer, former owner of Stump Jumper BBQ in Concord, MA, will teach the essentials for making the real thing. Students will learn about the right cuts of meats, sauces, and seasonings to prepare world-class Southern barbecue. Students will learn how to prepare succulent meats, such as Memphis Style spareribs, Carolina Style pulled pork, and Texas beef brisket, along with some of the side dishes that complement them. You will also learn about marinades, rubs, brines, and sauces while learning which ingredients are best for long, slow barbecue flavors vs. high-temp grilling, and how to create specific flavors for specific foods. Don't forget your containers for leftovers!


• Understanding methods & procedures for creating Southern Style BBQ
• Understanding the different equipment possibilities
• Discuss wood choices for smoking meat
• History of BBQ
• Controlling fire and temperatures
• Understanding the types and cuts of meat best suited for BBQ
• Learn about flavorings traditionally utilized in BBQ
• Identifying specific problems and concerns related to BBQ


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